Providing sturdy, attractive, and long lasting retaining walls to all clients.

A retaining wall can be a beautiful hardscape addition to your landscape. Not only can a retaining wall add aesthetic appeal to your landscape, boosting your property value and curb appeal, but it can also add support and a level of functionality that any softscape could never achieve. A sturdy and reliable wall can help aid in flood control and help hinder any possibility of soil erosion. Low maintenance is one of the biggest selling points for any retaining wall produced by our team at Fitzgerald Home Improvements. Email or call us today to set up a comprehensive consultation in Murrysville, PA, and get started working with the best home improvement business in the industry.

What Are You Waiting For?

Our retaining walls can come in a variety of materials, from concrete to pavers to special ordered stone. By establishing professional relationships with local product producers and suppliers, our team at Fitzgerald Home Improvements can offer you top quality materials always at a competitive price. We will work with you through the entire process, from choosing the appropriate materials to which installation process is best for your budget and schedule. So call us today to talk about your future retaining wall installation in Glenshaw, PA, and the surrounding areas.